Trading Stocks & Buying/Selling Pre-Owned or collectible clothing along with gifts are truly very Similar. Both require a good broker , great timing and knowing when to Buy , When to Sell or When to Hold.

When To Sell :

Most of the status satisfying and stylish luxury brands offered by "Wardrobe Brokers" are sourced from clients, former clients and friends of the award winning Atomic Style Agency-voted by Elite Traveler Magazine as one of the best personal styling and shopping firms in the world. Atomic Style Agency's personal shoppers and stylists have access to the contents of the often overflowing but fascinating closets of societies most priveleged members.These women live the limo filled fantasy life that includes red carpet events,charity balls, million dollar weddings, society luncheons, gazillion dollar galas and five star international travel.

The rest of the clothing and gifts offered on come from Fashion Insider Types , Like Top Fashion Stylists & Hair/Makeup Artists that are affiliated with our sister brand

When To Buy: 

Each time a new season begins our clients hire us to assist them in editing their stellar closets . When a client decides it's time to" let go" of a few coveted pieces we immediately procure them for your enjoyment! Most if not all of the authentic luxury items for purchase on our site were gently worn or were NEVER worn! No one-even our superwomen- can get around to wearing 500 pairs of shoes or tons of fabulous clothes!!!

The most visually Conscious Hair & Make up artists along with stylists from Atomic Assistants Agency HOLD longer than most people because they unfollow trends and create their own look. But when they decide to SELL watch out! The pieces are always cool and unique.

To add another layer of fun to the site we have given our sources code names! Lucky for you if you are the shoe size or dress size of "The Movie Producer" or "The World Traveler." Have fun following the items from your favorite source that matches your style and fits you well!

Teddy Gunter , Known on as "Teddythetrader" is mesmorized by the market and Fabulous Fashion. She purchased her first stocks in the 90's but has been styling since the 80's. She just cant get enough of either one. Gunter keeps extra busy as the head of all Atomic Brands from to She recently added the first website utilizing her own name as the brand.

Have luxury brand or contemporary cast off's that you would like to consign? Click Contact us or call the Atomic office at 305 -318-3973 and we will happily chat and take the best course of action.

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