• Image of Navy Blue Ruffle Top
  • Image of Navy Blue Ruffle Top
  • Image of Navy Blue Ruffle Top

Who’s Stuff?
The PhD

Bragging Rights?
Want to cheer up instantly when you are in a bad mood? Head to Bal Harbour and go shopping! Take this tongue-in-cheek advice from the PhD who flashes a blazing smile and a 1950's era killer curvy bod that brings to mind gorgeous, screen goddess, Jayne Mansfield. The PhD lives in the moment and shops to cheer up.When she does she snaps up some seriously sexy Cavalli and retro inspired pieces that look convincingly vintage. Everyday interesting clothes also find a home in her closet from sources like Anthropologie, AllSaints, and J.Crew. Big Secret! Her Mom is the world traveler and the PhD gets designer hand me downs from Mommie. WB often ends up with the abundance of flawless finery, after just a few wears.


Size: Medium
Length: 19.5in.
Width: 26in.

Very Good

The Scoop
Decade: Early 2000s
Label: Bordeaux
Fabric: 95% Rayon 5% Spandex
Made in China
Dry Clean Only

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