• Image of Max Mara Leather Sneakers
  • Image of Max Mara Leather Sneakers

Who’s Stuff?
The World Traveler

Bragging Rights?
If you are lucky enough to be married to a world famous scientist who showers you with emeralds, diamonds , and rubies what do you do with your spare time? 1. Buy a castle. 2. Travel the world first class all the way. 3. Buy the ENTIRE FLOOR of a luxury high rise and deck it out with exquisite french chandeliers? Answer? How about all three? This consignor has amazing taste and her items are in impeccable condition. Buy. buy. Buy. Buy.

Color Greyish Beige
Leather Throughout
White Shoe Strings
Original Price $320

Size 37

Slightly worn. In good condition.

The Scoop
Minimalist fashion intellectualist will love these ready to wear sneakers from Max Mara.

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