• Image of Rare Missoni Cardigan
  • Image of Rare Missoni Cardigan
  • Image of Rare Missoni Cardigan

Who’s Stuff?
The Elegant Entrepreneur

Bragging Rights?
The elegant entrepreneur has been collecting vintage clothing and unique knick knacks since the early 80's and is slowly unloading her eclectic stockpile on WB's. She loves business and fashion and marrying the two together. An entrepreneur since the the 90's she has been featured in several publications including Vanity Fair and and the Miami Herald as a fashion expert and creative entrepreneur. She was also nominated as best stylist in Miami and came close to getting her own TV show on the Bravo Network! Her business ideas and startups always garner well deserved attention and win "best of" awards. Her latest endeavor is a dating service where would be daters get taken shopping and styled before they meet their date! The elegant entrepreneur plans to pitch the idea as a T.V. show.

Description of the Item?
Multi-Fall Colored Sweater
Long Sleeve
Two Front Pockets

Size XL

Condition of the item?

The Scoop
50% Wool
50% Acaylic
Highly Collectible
Expected To Increase In Value

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